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Anti-Impact, UHMWPE Sheet for Coal Bed Liners/UHMWPE Plastic Coal Bunker Liner Sheets

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We manufacture and offer Uhmwpe Liner Sheet/uhmwpe Liner Plate/uhmwpe Lining Plate Truck Bed Liner are designed and developed for applications in steel and heavy engineering industry. We use qualitative raw material in the production process of our P-liners to ensure durability and high strength. Our PE-liners are customized as per the requirement of our clients in various industries.

Why to choose uhmwpe lining/liner?

In some coal bunker,grain elevator, there is a terrible situation that coal and grain will be block on the bottom of coal bunker/grain elevator.  It reduces the efficiency, and also caused the much waste of coal and food. Regarding this terrible situation, our UHMWPE liner is a good idea.

UHMWPE plastic Coal Bunker Liner Sheet cost savings of coal and grain, do not be bet on warehouse, saving the working time and accelerate the particles velocity, and UHMWPE plastic Coal Bunker Liner Sheet is good for the protection of capsule and machinery.

That generally cohesive bulk materials do not flow easily in chutes and hoppers. Changes in moisture and particle size affect the products flowability. These materials stick to the hopper walls and will negatively affect productivity. Traditional steel surfaces also become rough and corroded over time, compounding the problems and increasing the loss in productivity.

Because of its abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and good frictional properties, major application areas of UHMW-PE include bulk material handling, food and beverage machinery; chemical, mining and mineral processing equipment, recreational equipment, transportation and orthopedic implants.

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