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Application fields of Xinxing ground protection mats

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The main use of ground protection mats : temporary construction access roads on the construction site, temporary road promotion, the ground is used for reinforcement, soft pavement plus polyethylene paving boards are the preferred materials for short-term and long-term project construction sites. The phenomenon of cargo sliding and sinking facilitates the movement of evacuation vehicles and factories. Various connection methods are used to adapt to different ground and weather conditions and various temporary road surfaces. The design and size follow the outline of the road surface, which solves the problem of road mud and slope.

【Application fields of Xinxing ground protection mats】

1. Moisture-proof pad for oil depot 2. Paving slab for compressive and load-bearing construction

3. Anti-corrosion road mats for chemical plants 4. Temporary traffic roads for parking lots

5. Pavement for airport take-off pads 6. Waterproof paving slabs in rainy season

7. Desert anti-sink paving slabs 8. Temporary pavement on construction sites

9. Paving slab for landscaping protection vegetation 10. Backing plate for drilling engineering platform

oil drilling rig mats (2)pe ground protection mats (2)

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