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Application of crane outrigger pads

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The purpose of the outrigger pad is to support the outriggers of heavy vehicles such as pump trucks, cranes, and cranes. It can provide stable support for the outriggers, effectively expand the ground bearing area, and ensure the safety of operations.

Our main products are outrigger pads, paving pads, boron-containing polyethylene sheets, fender veneers, ice hockey rink fences, imitation ice and various specifications of polyethylene special-shaped parts, etc. We have advanced production and processing equipment and skilled technical personnel, with high production capacity and excellent quality. The specifications of the outrigger pads in the domestic engineering plastics industry are 500*500mm 60*600mm 760*760mm, etc. Other specifications are also available. Processing customization, if you have anti-skid requirements for the outrigger pad, you can also add anti-skid pattern design, and groove design can be used.

The characteristics of high molecular weight polyethylene outrigger pads are corrosion resistance, compression and impact resistance, wear resistance, light weight, insect-proof, waterproof and moisture-proof, soothing aging, strong load-bearing, strong toughness, strong rigidity, etc. If you have outriggers Pad needs, please contact me.

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