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Black UHMWPE Wear Resistant Abrasion Block Get Latest Price

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Product Name Customized CNC UHMW PE Machined Plastic Wear Parts
Material Virgin PE1000, PE500 Material
Color White, Black, Yellow, Blue, any Panton Color or Ral Color
Standard ISO9001, SGS etc.
Grade PE100, PE300, PE500, PE1000, PE2000 etc.
Brand Xinxing
Density 0.94-0.96 g/cm3
Dimention tolerance +0.2/-0 mm

Xinxing is the leading manufacturer for Drawing Customize UHMWPE Machined Component Block, UHMWPE Plastic Blocks for Machining, customized plastic parts, UHMWPE Plastic Blocks for Machining, UHMWPE Pad, Plastic Machined Engineering component etc. for equipment, production line, harbor port etc. with nearly 30 years history.

Advantages of UHMWPE irregular parts:

1.Abrasion highest plastic, seven times higher than carbon steel, four times higher than PTFE.

2.Self-lubricating performance

3.Impact strength, 2 times higher than that of polycarbonate, 5 times higher than ABS.

4.Nonstick surface of product compared with other materials is not easy to attach, strong anti-adhesion properties.

5.Corrosion resistance: at a certain temperature and humidity resistant to concentrated acid, alkalis, corrosive chemicals, high chemical stability

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