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Boron-containing polyethylene sheet for nuclear power plant

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Products Introduction:

1,Boron polyethylene shield (borated polyethylene shielding box) of boron polyethylene materials according to use need to customize, used for shielding radioactive source radiation shielding, in boron polyethylene shield, boron can absorb effect, of boron neutron reaction cross section is larger, in has not happened before the reaction of hydrogen boron neutron can be fully absorbed, Thus play a complete shielding role. For example, in the mixed radiation field of neutron and Y ray, lead should be added to the boron-containing polyethylene radiation shield plate. Lead can effectively shield Y ray so as to play a shielding effect.

2,The size of Boron polyethylene shield case:

Thickness :10-120 mm ;body molding length and width can be customized thickness ≥200mm

Multiple molding length s6 meters wide s1.8 (a splicing scheme is provided free of charge beyond this range)

3,The boron content :4%-30%(Accodring to your requirement )

Popular Application:

The boron-containing polyethylene sheets produced by our company are mainly used in major nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, China National Petroleum Corporation, the military, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, research laboratories, hospitals, and nuclear experiment product tanks, neutron beam collimators, neutron traps, and nuclear reactors. Research fields such as control rod materials and nuclear shielding materials. As a material for shielding neutrons, rays, and radiation shielding absorption.

Boron-containing polyethylene sheet for nuclear power plant

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