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Crane Outrigger Pads / Crane Foot Support Mat / Jack Pads

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You can make an outrigger pad out of many things, but certain materials are much more beneficial than others. Steel and aluminum are durable, but aluminum can lack strength and both materials are heavy and difficult to carry.

Wood is another option in a pinch, but it will absorb moisture from the ground, can warp, can splinter, and will eventually rot. Wood can also break under even lower load weights, leaving your machinery more unstable.

Composite plastic is an ideal material for outrigger pads , and it’s why we stock a full selection of plastic pads here at Greatmats.

Our outrigger pads are made out of a highly durable composite plastic that you can depend on again and again. This engineered plastic is incredibly strong and can withstand even the heaviest loads on the most large-scale job sites.

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