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Green UHMWPE sheet is very popular now

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Green UHMWPE sheet is very popular now:

UHMW-PE sheet is a strong wear resistant material with many applications including bunker liners.

It is easy to install. The lining is designed to protect the bunkers, extending the working life significantly.

Product: High molecular weight UHMWPE plastic sheet

Place of origin:  Shandong,China

Colour :   Clear , Opal , Green , Blue , Bronze , Lake-blue, etc

Thickness:    10- 200mm

Length:  not limited

standard Size : 5000mm x 1300mm,  4700mm x 1200mm
                           3050mm x 1220mm,  3000mm x 3000mm
                           2000mm x 1000mm,  6000mm x 2000mm
                           3000mm x 1500mm,  4500mm x 2000mm
                           6000mm x 1800mm

UHMWPE sheet (4)

Xinxing Chemical can supply below types of UHMWPE sheets :

Types :

-Normal UHMWPE sheet

-Anti-satic UHMWPE Sheet

-Creamic filled UHMWPE sheet

-Flame-retardant sheet

-Self-lubricating UHMWPE Synthetic ice

-Radiation Shielding boron added UHMWPE sheet

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