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HDPE Amphimats / Heavier Truck Mats

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Parameter of HDPE Amphimats / Heavier Truck Mats:

Physical Properties  ASTM  Unit Value
Density  D1505  g/cm3 0.96
Melt Index  D1238  g/10min 0.5
Brittleness Temperature  D746  °C <-40
Shore D Hardness  D2240

Application of HDPE Amphimats / Heavier Truck Mats:

The HDPE Ground mat is effective plastic ground protection system.

Protect your  turf and provide accesss and traction over mud, sand, snow and other difficult surfaces.

Create temporary roadways for all types of vehicles and equipment or large work pads for drilling,

administrative compounds, bone yards, temporary flooring,  and other industrial application.

such as construction sites, golf courses,utilities, landscaping, tree care, cemeteries, drilling etc.

And they are great to save heavy vehicles from getting stucked in mud.


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