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Ice Rink Board / Hockey Ice Rink Barrier

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The hockey board will help your hockey field project in many ways. If you are considering using synthetic ice and want to build a synthetic ice rink, or you need to use a hockey board for outdoor hockey fields or basement skating rinks, Xinxing Hockey Board is the perfect hockey field solution.

Combine the hockey board with the emerging synthetic ice to create a year-round outdoor hockey stadium!

Smart Hockey Field Design

We offer two standard hockey board heights of 42 inches and 24 inches. Our standard width is 48 inches. Both hockey arena boards provide player gates and rounded corners.

All Xinxing hockey boards are made of heavy-duty aluminum frames and have the same baffle materials as conventional skating rinks, with blue caprails, white baffle surfaces and yellow skirting boards.

Multiple installation options

There are many ways to install the D1 hockey field board. You can install them directly on any wall or flat surface. You can also choose our permanent or portable board stand according to the specific situation of the hockey field project.

Free custom board

We will work with you to make your measurements work. If your ice hockey rink projects need to customize the ice hockey rink to ensure a perfect fit, we will customize our ice hockey rink for free. This is especially true for basement ice rinks or garage ice rinks and those outdoor hockey fields or synthetic ice rinks.

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