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Paper mill uhmwpe dewatering elements Suction Box Cover

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Paper industry UHMWPE Dewatering Elements

UHMWPE dewatering elements(suction box cover)
UHMWPE suction box covers and blades are made of UHMW-PE material .
UHMW-PE dewatering element is known for its high dry-film lubricant content.This produces an extremely smooth surface, most importantly resulting in a low friction coefficient a low level of adhesion. No adhesion Excellent chemical resistance

For machines with speeds up to 800 m/min
Abosn dewatering elements in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene set themselves apart by the special sinter press procedure over a long period used to produce them, as well as an extremely high molecular weight plus their extra additive that is specifically tailored to paper machines.All these benefits ensure what is an outstanding service life for plastic coupled with a low coefficient of friction.

The measured co-efficient of friction for  material is 0.08 which comp- ares very favouralby with other plastics where the friction is between 0.16 and 0.20,or cross grain wood of 0.3.
Faster machine speeds can be achieved through the low coefficient of friction.˙ Less motive power required to drive machines.
The material has a high impact strength and cannot break or splinter . Temperature resistent to 1000C.

Size: suction box cover, made to your specification to the max.

 Length is 1200mm, width is 1000mm, thickness is 60mm
 Other size can be processed.
Color: White, yellow, blue, orange, green etc, other color can be customized.

On paper and pulp industry
At machine speeds of up to approx. 800 m/min

UHMWPE dewatering elements for paper machines have a high level of thermal expansion. They must therefore be installed in such a way that enables the strips or covers to expand without restriction (T-bars, corner strips, dovetail guides, screws in elongated holes). The base frame support must have a grid of approx. 250 mm to ensure flawless functionality for our covers. This support must extend to the underside of the cover to ensure it has a flat installation surface.

UHMWPE Dewatering Elements PE Drainage Channel Manhole Cover (1)

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