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Polyethylene paving board / ground protection mats

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Polyethylene paving board / ground protection mats has good wear resistance, environmental protection, anti-static, high wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, easy handling, shock absorption, non-toxic and tasteless, no noise, economical and practical, no deformation, good impact resistance, so it is very It is suitable to be used as a paving slab on the ground with poor ground conditions such as desert land and swamp to protect vehicles and personnel from moving safely on it. Our paving can be recycled, which greatly saves the cost and transportation workload, and the difficulty of inconvenient handling. The biggest advantage is that it is wear-resistant, light in weight, easy to carry, and easy to carry.

Application areas:

●Construction site Civil engineering and foundation work

●Pedestrian bridge

●Emergency channel

●Temporary roads and parking lots

●Maintenance of public spaces and infrastructure

● Landscaping and conservation of heritage or ecological reserves

●Maintenance of golf courses and sports fields

●Sports and leisure activities

●Drilling engineering

●Oil drilling industry

●Swamp, wet muddy ground conditions, etc. some emergency construction sites

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