Outrigger crane pads

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Crane outirgger pads is also called cribbing plate, stabilizer pads, crane foot support pads. These name is clearly show the application of the outrigger pads.

The UHMWPE as the material to make outrigger pads have many advantages:


Our engineered plastic outrigger pads offer lightweight, strong, and solid support for your crane. Unlike other materials, UHMWPE crane outrigger pad can be easily handled and positioned by one person. Our crane outrigger pad don’t warp like wood or corrode like steel. They have no pilferage value, and with Xinxing lifetime replacement guarantee, we’re confident they won’t break.

Crane UHMWPE outrigger pad offers wear and strength, while providing noise, vibration and super grip for steady crane operation, protects the street or any other surface on which your crane must rest. It is ideal for impact or scratch sensitive materials like a gymnasium floor.

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