Heavy Duty Construction Road Mat Special for Tracked Vehicles 履带车专用道路临时铺路垫板

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Heavy Duty Construction Road Mat Special for Tracked Vehicles履带车专用道路临时铺路垫板

Product Description

Heavy Duty Construction Road Mat is a portable solution for tent flooring, walkways, turf protection, heavy staging, extreme loads and rubber-tired vehicle pathways. Engineered for ease of installation and maximum performance, it meets the challenges associated with event flooring projects. Use Xinxing Heavy Duty Construction Road Mat  to minimise reinstatement costs, prevent vehicles getting bogged down, keep your projects on schedule, and keep your workers safe.

Heavy Duty Construction Road Mat Benefits:

Rated against breakage by vehicles up to 120 Tonnes.

Light to carry and quick to lay by hand, only 39kg

Eliminate cost of continually replacing slippery splintered plywood board

Multiple joiner clips on each edge provide secure fixing and slot together without tools

Super tough 100% recycled (and recyclable) plastic

Easy to move around using the Handi-Hook

There are all kinds of different tread for your choosing to meet your requirements. Any inquiry for Composite Polymer Mobile Road Plates, please do not hesitate to contact us angela@sdxxhg.com