purple color UHMWPE sheet

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purple color UHMWPE sheet

Polythylene PE 1000 sheet commonly refered to as ultra-high-molecular-weight, UHMW, or UHMWPE, is one o our most popular engineering plastics. It provides excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, impact and wear, and offers very low co-eficient of friction. UHMW is also non-toxic, odourless, and is highly resistant to mosture.

UHMW plastic sheet is commonly machined into wear strips, chain guides and change parts and is a popular engineering plastic in food processing and bottling operations. Specific grades of PE1000 are also used in bulk material handling applications to line chutes, hoppers and dump trucks, helping to improve product flow and prevent against ratholing and arching.

• Ultra-high molecular weight
• High wear resistance
• Very high abrasion resistance
• Very high impact strength

• Food production
• Mining
• Port construction