football rebound walls 足球回弹挡板

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football rebound walls 足球回弹挡板

Soccer rebounder specializes in the design, development and creating of cutting edge training facilities.

Our team continuously pursues new innovative ways to optimize your football training and performance. 


Now you can train like a professional! Professional rebounding boards are perfect for those who want to practice their skills individually or in groups. This rebounding board is a real rebound each time. Such rebounding boards are very popular among soccer teams.


Material: plastic,
with excellent wear resistance,
good low temperature impact resistance,
self-lubricating, non-toxic, water and chemical resistance,
can be widely used in impact, abrasion, corrosion resistance,
not Adhesion, low noise, in line with industrial mining and higher health needs, greatly reduce the operating costs of equipment and maintenance costs and improve overall economic efficiency.
Soccer Rebounder provides complete flexibility and can be used wherever you are and whenever you have the time and inclination.


Standard sizes

Size 1: 1x0.4m Thickness: 20/30/40 / 50mm

Size 2: 1.5x0.6m Thickness: 20/30/40 / 50mm

Size 3: 2x0.6m Thickness: 20/30/40 / 50mm


Any small size need us to cut , we can satisfy your special need.


football rebound walls