customized HDPE synthetic ice rink panel

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Product Description 

we are the largest HDPE sheet/board manufacturer in China, we can

offer ice rink barrier HDPE plastic sheet and complete set of rink

barrier(steel frame,net and other matched spare parts) with good quality

and competitive price. 


roller skating rinks,roller discos, are becoming very popular and we supply

the floor,barriers,skates,lights,pa and more. 

During the past thirteen years we have become Europe's leading supplier

of mobile skating rink.

Our skating rinks are also endorsed by top international skaters and skating

coaches. Far as the reputation that our company enjoys. In our 14 years of

trading we have never had a claim made against our insurance.

We have put our rinks music festivals,big events,schools,parties,weddings, 

fun days and much more.


• To provide a different, family fun experience to all 

• Environmentally friendly 

• Value for money 

• Can be used by all ages and abilities 

The roller rink 

The roller rink is made from high density plastic sheets which connect

together using tongue and grove.

Once connected to sheets form a smooth seamless skating surface. The

barrier system locks on to side of the rink so does not damage the floor.

The rink can be laid on grass or any relatively flat surface. 

The rink can be housed inside a marquee or out in the open. The skate

changing area comprising of rubber matting so the skaters can’t skate

anywhere but the rink. Benches seating to be provided for skate changing.

The skate are stored inside racks so the customer’s skates are taken in

return for the roller skates. The skates we use are quad style with a size

range of children 9- adults 13. 

We provide DJ, lighting and sound to produce the roller disco theme. 

We can build the rink any size and shape.Also any color . 

The rink also offers a great advertising medium . 

And is a superb revenue stream .