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Self-Lubricating Hmwpe Board PE1000 UHMWPE Liner Sheet

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The screw conveyor liner is mainly used to transport materials that are worn, viscous, corrosive, and easy to agglomerate and deteriorate, especially in acid-base environments. UHMWPE liner materials are used for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. The wear-resisting life is prolonged, and the replacement is portable and low-cost!

Key words: spiral liner, conveyor wear-resistant liner, screw conveyor wear-resistant plate, etc.,

Specification uhmwpe screw conveyor:

Diameter 30mm-1500mm (can be customized within this range)

Thickness 6nm-25mm (can be customized within this range)

Two-color screw conveyor lining boardMonochrome screw conveyor lining board can be customized production.

UHMWPE formulations are recognized worldwide for their wear and corrosion resistance, low friction surface and impact strength.  UHMWPE  can outperform stainless steel, yet it weighs only 1/8 as much. It can also handle wide temperature ranges making it ideal for use on freezing lines or lines with intermittent temperatures up to 212oF (100oC). From intricate wear components to large-scale installations, a  UHMWPE  product can fit the application.

PE1000 white liner sheet (3)

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