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Shandong Lead Boron Polyethylene Plant

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Shandong boron polyethylene plant, boron-containing polyethylene sheet, boron-containing polyethylene shielding material, Shandong Xinxing Factory customized production of 30% boron-containing polyethylene sheet

Boron polyethylene can replace borax and paraffin in the field of radiation shielding. Among them, boron can play a very good role in absorbing. The reaction cross section of boron to neutrons is relatively large. The neutrons can be completely absorbed by boron before the hydrogen reaction occurs. Absorb, thereby playing a complete shielding effect.

BPE sheet (3)UHMWPE boron sheet (7)UHMWPE boron sheet (4)BPE sheet (2)UHMWPE boron sheet (6)UHMWPE boron sheet (9)

Specification and size of boron polyethylene

3000x1500x(10-260)MM    3050x1220x(10-260)MM

4700x1200x(10-260)MM     5000x1300x(10-260)MM

4500x2000x(10-260)MM     2000x1000x(10-260)MM

6000x8000x(10-260)MM      3000x3000x(10-260)MM

BPE Thickness:6-300MM

Beyond this range, we can provide splicing solutions free of charge. Shandong Xinxing is a strong manufacturer in China's engineering plastics industry. It has made outstanding achievements in the field of nuclear research, medical and petroleum industry three wastes. Boron carbide, borax, and two oxides can be added according to customer needs. Boron, lead powder, content of 5%-30% can be customized production, and can be CNC processed according to your drawings or requirements, please contact us for details.

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Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd. established in 1989 , has become the largest manufacturer of engineering plastics in China.


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