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Specifications and applications of high load bearing outrigger pads

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Outrigger pads are mainly used for padding under the outriggers of construction machinery and play a supporting role. They are suitable for outrigger positions such as truck-mounted pumps, trailer pumps, cranes, etc., to maintain the balance of the car body and maximize the stability of the vehicle. They are used in concrete pumps. Large machinery such as trucks and cranes can expand the pressure bearing area or prevent the tires from sliding.

The process composite UHMWPE outrigger pad is made by CNC machining in the later stage of compression molding. This material has high strength and rigidity, which can reduce the deformation of the pad body when it is stressed. Provides more stable support. Water resistance, zero water absorption, corrosion resistance, this material will not split or corrode and can replace traditional wood and steel substitutes, greatly saving the cost of use and improving the quality of work.

The outrigger pad is composed of a plate-shaped pad body and a hand rope. The plate-shaped backing plate is made of UHMWPE polymer synthetic material. The four-corner support of the PE polymer composite material backing plate is 60mm and the pressure is more than 15-18 tons/cm. It can be used normally in harsh environments, and it is better to bend without breaking when overloaded. The hand rope is made of nylon material, and the end of the hand rope is embedded in the backing plate body for easy carrying and arrangement.

Regular models of outrigger pads are:

Load bearing: 4-300 tons.

Size: 400*400*(30-100mm) 500*500*(30-100mm)

550*550*(30-100mm) 600*600*(30-100mm)

800*800*(30-100mm) 1000*1000*(30-100mm)

1000*80* (20~150mm) 2000*80* (20~260mm)

PE outrigger pads (4)JACK SUPPORT CRIBBING PLATE (1)

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