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The development of UHMWPE is very rapid.

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The development of UHMWPE is very rapid. Before the 1980s, the average annual growth rate of the world was 8.5%. After the 1980s, the growth rate was as high as 15% to 20%. The average annual growth rate in my country is more than 30%. In 1978, the world consumption was 12,000-12,500 tons, and by 1990 the world demand was about 50,000 tons, of which the United States accounted for 70%.

The average molecular weight of UHMWPE is about 350,000 to 8,000,000. Due to its high molecular weight, it has excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, self-lubrication, chemical corrosion resistance and other properties unmatched by other plastics. Moreover, UHMWPE has excellent low temperature resistance, still has high impact strength at -40℃, and can even be used at -269℃.

The excellent physical and mechanical properties of UHMWPE make it widely used in the fields of machinery, transportation, textiles, papermaking, mining, agriculture, chemicals and sports equipment, among which large packaging containers and pipes are the most widely used. In addition, due to the excellent physiological inertness of UHMWPE, it has been used in clinical medicine as heart valves, orthopedic parts, artificial joints, etc.

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