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UHMWPE Plastic Panel / PE 1000 Boards

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Anti-Static UHMWPE Board / Mold Pressed UHMWPE Panels / UHMWPE Plastic Sheet - China Bulletproof UHMWPE Sheet FEATURES :
- No water absorption

- Non-Toxic
- Low coefficient of friction
- Self-lubrication
- Low temperature resistant
- Corrosion resistant
- High abrasion and wear Resistant
- Excellent dielectric properties
- Weatherproof
- Excellent chemical resistance
-No moisture absorption
-Excellent noise abatement
-High tensile strength  
-Thermoforming performance
-Good mechanical characteristics

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmw-pe) is a kind of polyethylene with a molecular weight of more than 3 million, making it far superior to any other thermoplastic for wear resistance, and by far one of densest polymers available, outperforming even carbon steel for wear applications.

uhmwpe sheet  is widely used in engineering , as marine fender pads , road mats , lining boards and other .

UHMWPE sheet

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