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Uhmwpe Sheet For Synthetic Outdoor Flooring Curling Sports Ice Rink Boards

  • XX24016


  • 3920109090

Why Choose Us

l More than 15 years' professional manufacturing experience with own factory.

l Virgin 100% material produced, high quality with good surface and color make ensured

l GB/T 19001-2008 ; ISO 9001:2008 certification.

l Competitive price, In stock, Fast delivery, and Excellent service.

l OEM available. Special character is available :According to different requirements with different application, color, size, shape and special specifications can be customized, such as anti-UV, anti-static and so on.

The properties of UHMWPE :

Property Unit Unit
Density g/cm3 0.93-0.96
Average molecular weight g/mol 3million- 10 million
Tensile strength (23°C in air) MPa 22
Breaking strength MPa 42
Tensile strain at break % 600
Charpy impact strength (notched) mJ/mm2 No break
Ball indentation hardness N/mm2 42
Abrasion % 70-80, steel = 100
Temperature resistance °C -269 to +85

Our UHMWPE sheet Characters:

1.very flat on the surface  

2.The thickness tolerance is +2 -0,some made according to your requirements.

3.The color is pure and any color can be made by us.

4.We can give you an accurate size of UHMW-PE Sheet with advanced machine.

5.Different shaped UHMW-PE Sheets also can be made by us like bending sheet.

6.According to different requirements with different application, special specifications can be customized, like anti-UV, fire-resistant,anti-static and with other characters.

ICE Rink Hockey flooring; ICE Hockey board; ICE rink board

UHMWPE Advantages & Key Features:

--Highest abrasion resistance of any polymer, 6 times more wear resistant than steel

--Anti-Weather & Anti-Aging

--Self-lubricating, Very low coefficient of friction

--Excellent chemical & corrosion resistant

--superior impact resistant, Noise- absorption, Vibration-absorption

--Temperature range: -2600C ~ +800C; Very high resistance to cold,doesn't become fragile even under -1800C

--High tensile Strength

--Non-Toxic and smell

--UV resistance

--Flame Retardant; Relatively low in water absorption

--Excellent electrical properties

--Good performance in resisting environment stress crack, 200 times of ordinary PE

--No adhesion

--Light weight and easier to handle and fix

--Cost efficient; Resulting in low energy consumption

--Does not rot, split or crack; 100% recyclable

--Great liner material for industrial material handling applications

--Easy Reprocessed


UHMWPE Sheet:UHMWPE Sheet/Board/Panel

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