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Radiation Shielding Borated UHMWPE Sheet Boron Doped PE Boards

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The main products of the company-- Borated PE/HDPE/UHMW-PE Sheet
Boron polyethylene is a relatively cheap neutron shielding material, the one son shielding properties has been benchmark experiment. Like other neutron shielding materials, the material under the action of neutrongamma rays. Relative to the shielding neutron and gamma rays are 2 doses.

Boron polyethylene with irradiation resistant performance is good, no activation products, secondary gammaray energy is low; Good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, nontoxic, no smell. High mechanical strength, smooth surface, easy to facilitate decontamination, mechanical processing, the characteristics of easy installation.

Product performance

Boron carbide content 10% (by weight) or specification
Density acuity 1.028 g/cm3
Thermal deformation temperature (load rho = 0.46 M rho (a) 72 ºC
Linear expansion coefficient of 8.933 x 10-51 / ºC
Heat temperature 126 ºC (DTA measurements)
Thermal strength material 24 mpa
The impact strength (gap) 19 kj/m2 material

UHMWPE boron sheet (10)

Popular Application:

1.Nuclear Reactors
2.Nuclear Warships
3.Personnel and Cargo Detection Devices
4.Medical Vanlts
5.Doors for Linear Accelerators
6.Research Applications
7.X-ray Room
8.Cancer Treatment Facilities
9.Nuclear Power Plants
10.MRI Rooms
11.Anywhere nuclear or radiation shielding is required.

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