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UHMWPE Boron Added Sheet BPE Board

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Borated polyethylene sheet is a product specially designed for nuclear and radiation shielding applications, its neutron shield properties have been tested and certified.As same as other shielding materials ,this material can produce Y-ray under the action of neutron, and Y-ray dose is second grade relative to shielding neutron.Borated polyethylene costs low and light-weight-ed,so it is the best material to replace lead to shield neutron.The boron content is from 2% to 20% by weight according to applications and customer's requirements.

UHMWPE boron sheet (10)

Popular Application:

1.Nuclear Reactors
2.Nuclear Warships
3.Personnel and Cargo Detection Devices
4.Medical Vanlts
5.Doors for Linear Accelerators
6.Research Applications
7.X-ray Room
8.Cancer Treatment Facilities
9.Nuclear Power Plants
10.MRI Rooms
11.Anywhere nuclear or radiation shielding is required.