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Water absorption box panel Polyethylene water absorption panel Special wear-resistant polyethylene vacuum custom processing for papermaking

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The structure of the pe suction box cover is reasonably designed and is a sealed structure. It is sucked by a vacuum pump to make the paper sheet from low-pressure dehydration to high-pressure rapid dehydration, thereby speeding up the drying of the paper sheet, enhancing the dehydration effect and forming the paper sheet. Both ends of the panel are equipped with adjusting blocks to adjust the width of the suction opening of the paper sheet. The adjustment block is also equipped with a lubrication device, which can reduce the coefficient of friction through water lubrication and increase the service life of the net. The vacuum suction box is composed of a box body and a panel. The box body is made of stainless steel. The panel is divided into: A, super polymer For vinyl panel B, alumina ceramic panel C, zirconia ceramic panel D, glass microcrystalline panel, customers can choose different panels according to different paper machines, different paper types, and different speeds. The box body is annealed or moved to eliminate stress and reduce deformation to ensure quality. The surface is treated with sandblasting to make the appearance beautiful and generous. The panel is processed as a whole, using special machine tools and special processing technology, so that the overall processing accuracy is high, the surface is smooth, the finish is high, smooth, and delicate. The paper defects caused by the retention of fine fibers and the top slurry phenomenon can be avoided during use, and it is easy to control Waterline avoids the unfavorable formation of paper during the dehydration process, reduces the difference between the two sides of the paper, greatly improves the uniformity and smoothness of the paper, creates a water film between the net and the dehydration element, and improves wear resistance. Greatly reduce network consumption and energy consumption.

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